Finding the right childcare can be one of the most overwhelming challenges of parenthood. That is why we do the hard work for you in finding the perfect nanny, maternity nurse, or baby sitter – whatever you need, we’re here for you.

At Richmond Nannies, our expereinced team can make your busy life easier. We can help you with interviews, what questions to ask, and provide any other information you may require. 


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Live out daily nanny

A live-out nanny or daily nanny can work up to 10 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.

Duties include:

  • Bathing, dressing and preparing nutritious meals for the children.
  • Washing, ironing and organising the children’s clothes.
  • General organising of children’s belongings.
  • Ensuring toys are clean and safe.
  • Keeping play areas tidy.
  • Organising play dates, attending playgroups, classes and other social events.
  • Furthering the children’s development through play.
  • Providing activities such as creative arts and crafts, singing, reading and other learning opportunities.

A nanny is not expected to do any heavy housework or chores not related to the children. If you need your nanny to perform extra duties you may consider a Nanny Housekeeper.

Live in nanny
Live-in nannies usually work between 10 to 12 hours per day, five days a week.
Two nights babysitting usually between Monday to Thursday, it can also be included in their salary.
A live-in may work longer hours or an extra day shift for a higher salary.
A live-in nanny is expected to undertake all nursery duties relating to the children. For example, bathing, dressing and preparing meals.
A live-in nanny is also expected to wash, iron and orbiter the children’s clothes and belongings. They will keep the toys clean and safe and tidy away at the end of the day. The live-in nanny will also make sure that the children in their care are active and social, by organising play dates, attending classes and taking children on outings.
Your live-in nanny is not expected to do any heavy housework or chores not related to the children. If you need your nanny to perform extra duties you may consider a Nanny Housekeeper.
Mother’s help
A mother’s help will be able to help with both childcare and housekeeping, usually in a support role to the parents, as they have limited experience.
Their duties would include cleaning, general household and laundry duties, helping with the children, often with a parent around, babysitting, driving duties, school run, light cooking and food preparation.
Nanny housekeeper
A nanny / housekeeper is a child friendly housekeeper, who in addition to the typical housekeepers duties, which will include housekeeping, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing and ironing, can provide some childcare assistance.
Maternity nurse
A maternity nurse will live with your family and provide you with invaluable support and knowledge from the time you arrive home with your new baby for normally 6-12 weeks by which time a good routine will have been established.
Maternity nurses help with feeds; support your preference of breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or combined feeding. They can offer advice if requested. The maternity nurse is responsible for keeping all the baby’s bottles clean and sterilised, bathing your baby or teaching you how to bathe your baby. They will settle, or teach you how to settle your baby. They will keep all the baby’s laundry up to date.
Maternity nanny
A maternity nanny will complete the same role as the maternity nurse; however they may have less experience. Maternity nannies are a great choice for mother’s who have older children and need help with them as well as the baby.
The terms maternity nanny and maternity nurse are interchangeable. Either way they should have at least three-five years experience with newborns and hold a current paediatric first aid certificate.
Some maternity nannies have specific qualifications, completed the MNT course or possess some form of childcare qualification.
Some maternity nannies may be qualified paediatric nurses as well.
You can hire a less experienced nanny if you just need an extra pair of hands.
Night nanny
Typically a night nanny candidate will help establish a good sleep routine. A night nanny has a special knowledge of caring for babies from new born up to 1 year. They will arrive at your home in the evening and take care of all your baby’s needs throughout the night.
The night nanny will deal with all aspects of care for the baby and work to any of the preferences the client has with regards to sleeping and feeding. Also included in their duties would be
  • changing nappies 
  • settling the baby
  • Night feeds
  • Preparing and sterilising bottles
  • Dressing and preparing the baby in the morning
A night nanny is not usually responsible for any cleaning or laundry.
Temporary / emergency nanny
Nannies who are available at short notice to assist with your emergency childcare needs.
Nanny share
Nanny share is when two families share a nanny, in one or both homes, agree the terms of employment between them and share the costs.
Babysitters are typically nannies registered with us that are looking to undertake extra hours. These child carers will look after your children in your own home or a venue organised by you - I.e.  a hotel. They will care for your children whilst you are out for the evening.
For regular commitments and repeat business we will always endeavour to provide you with the same sitter. In addition we recommend that small children meet their carer prior to the assignment. Our babysitters charge a minimum of 4 hours per session.


To give you an idea of how much a nanny costs to employ, please read these guidelines. The nanny’s tax and national Insurance are the responsibility of the family. Please let us know if you require help and advice.

Live out daily nanny
£350 – £750 gross per week.

Part-time housekeeper
£11 + gross per hour

Live in nanny (plus room, bills and food)
£350 – £650 gross per week

£10+ per hour

Nanny daily rate
£90 – £150 gross per 10 hour day I.e 3 days per week

Temporary nanny
£10+ per hour self-employed short term contract

Part – time nanny
£10+ per hour.

Maternity nanny
£18.00+ per hour (tend to be self employed)

Before and after school care / holiday nanny
(Part time) £10+

Housekeeper- full time live out
£350 – £650 gross per 8 hour day

Mother’s help
£9+ per hour


  • Call us to discuss your requirements or email/complete contact form if you prefer and we contact you.
  • We will provide a free consultation over the phone or in person to help us understand you, your children, home and routines.
  • If you decide to go ahead, we will ask you to complete an application form.
  • We can also arrange to meet you in your home to fully understand your requirements.
  • We produce a job profile to inform prospective nannies about your position.
  • We search our database and advertise your post far and wide.
  • All our nannies are all fully vetted and checked.
  • We send you “nanny profiles” of the nannies most suitable for your post and chat these through with you.
  • You can select who you would like to interview (we can help with interviews)
  • You can then select the nanny who fits best with you and your family.
  • We can advise you and support you to set everything in motion for employing your nanny.
  • Once you have asked the nanny to start with you, we will send you an invoice. This is payable within 7 days of receipt. If we don’t find you anyone suitable, there is nothing to pay.