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Your Job Search Stops Here 

Whether you are a career nanny seeking a full-time, long-term position or someone looking for part-time or seasonal work with children, we’ve got you covered. Working with an agency is the best way to secure some of the best jobs in the area, and our agency is ready to help you find your dream job.

We will work closely with you to offer advice, support and feedback from day one of your job search. We strive to understand exactly what you are looking for in your next position, present only the job opportunities that are a match for your unique needs, and if you are interested in that job, we will help you prepare for your interview.

Once you have found the perfect job for you, we work closely with you and our client to ensure your salary, benefits and job requirements are met and that both parties are set up for long-term success. In addition, after you start your new job, if you need us, we’ll be there to help.

The Process

If you are interested in being part of our team, these are the next steps:

  • Complete an initial application form.
  • Meet us for a face to face or skype interview, and we can discuss your level of childcare experience and provide you with advice on DBS checks.
  • We complete background checks and check and verify all your original documents.
  • We will spend time with you getting to know what you like/don’t like.
  • Provide advice on how best to present your previous experience.
  • We will then gather the information into a portfolio to present to families.
  • We will keep in close contact with you and inform you of families looking for childcare.
  • We will arrange interviews for you with the families.


A nanny provides childcare within the children’s family setting, where the nanny will perform all tasks that correlate to the care of the children. This creates a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop.

A nanny role may include these responsibilities:

  • To feed the children fresh and nutritious food, taking into account any potential or existing allergies.
  • Ensure they have a balanced diet.
  • To wash, iron and mend the children’s clothes.
  • To change and wash the children’s bedding and towels when necessary.
  • To organise stimulating activities for the children e.g. playgroups, libraries, visits to friends, outings to places of interest.
  • To ensure that the children get plenty of exercise and fresh air.
  • To keep the kitchen, nursery and areas in the house tidy, and clear items away after use.
  • To plan menus for the week ahead and prepare a weekly shopping list for you and the children’s food.
  • To create a happy and relaxed environment around the children. To be loving and kind but also firm when required. To make them feel secure at all times.
  • To take the children to the doctor/hospital when they are sick.
  • To get their prescriptions and to ensure that they take their medication.
  • To be responsible for the weekly float.
  • To purchase food or clothing for the children as required.

At Richmond Nannies, our approach is focused on providing a more personal approach to families and nannies, and our aim is to find the perfect fit for everyone involved.